The Path does not need to be hard. It can be gentle.

God did not put us all here on earth to have hard, difficult lives, although we certainly have the option for a harder path if those are the lessons our soul has chosen for this lifetime.

Some people deliberately choose a harder path– a choice to live outside of the Flow, ignore it or struggle with it. If we choose that path through ignorance or ignoring the Truth, we can correct that.

But what if we choose it for other reasons: the glorious martyrdom. A sense of self-importance. The admiration from colleagues over one’s “intestinal fortitude.” Continue Reading


power-career-moves-help-get-noticed1My goodness, how totally gorgeous is it outside? It is almost 6 pm and I’ve had a *very* full day and weekend. Where shall I even begin? Friday night, my husband and I walked to the Thirsty Scholar, a local bar, to have dinner and watch the Sox play. We went to bed early to gear up for our Saturday packing extravaganza.

Saturday morning, I did indeed get up early, headed over to Dunkins for a big ol’ box of joe, and some munchkins, reinforcements for our troops of packers, which included my mom, brother, and my brother’s girlfriend. Oh did we pack. My husband tackled our living room, his office, his closet – my brother carted trash.

My mom and brother’s girlfriend packed up our kitchen, and I braved our bedroom, ending up with three huge trash bags of clothes to donate. I didn’t even venture down in our basement storage unit. Everything down there is already in boxes, so I figure as I unpack, I’ll fill up bags again with clothes to donate.

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Now that you’ve identified personal attributes or activities that you have a special gift for or make you feel very good about yourself, the obvious question becomes, “so what do I do with this knowledge”?

All self-knowledge has great intrinsic value. The better we know and understand ourselves, the more peace of mind and self-confidence we feel. This is not just to our benefit but also aids our patients, colleagues and support staff.

There’s a tendency in our rush-around world to want some quantifiable product out of any initiative where we’ve put forth an effort. If the results are subtle, subliminal, or evolve slowly, impatience may ensue. Witness the busy gyms in January but the return of normal usage by February as an annual example.

Reflect on this new understanding as it applies to your current life and work situation first. Even a minor difference in perspective may make your work life much more tolerable. And, even if you still wish to pursue new ventures, it may allow you proceed at a more graded pace, and handle subsequent transitions more gracefully.

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Frequently during times of transition God will toss me a big beautiful bouquet, just to keep me focused on the world of wonders he reveals when we’re alert and open to guidance from beyond.

Although I don’t really gravitate to the word “obedient,” it really is a matter of recognizing that “where there’s no will, there’s a way.” Stop trying to force my will on the outcome that I believe is THE WAY.

This statement is really a corollary to holding a goal gently in your hands–because if you don’t grip that one specific goal so tightly, there’s room in your hands for the Universe to place far greater miracles than you could ever imagine. Continue Reading