Introducing the Lightyear G10 Build Plate and G10 Pro Build Plate

Wicked Adhesion.

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G10 vs Smooth PEI

Here is a comparison between our G10 build plate and the next best alternative.

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Surface Material

Lightyear G10

Smooth PEI




No Glue. No Hairspray. No Scraping.

Print with Ease

Parts stick when the plate is hot, and release when the plate cools down. No release agents needed.

I've had 3D printer for 5 years now and I've had all kinds of bed glass -pei smooth pei texture but this g10 this is got to be the best build plate I've ever used I've had pla- p e t g and it don't stick when the plate cools your stuff comes off I like the stuff I'll never go back to anything else

Don Leibowitz

I have had so many issues with getting Nylon to adhere so I decided to try this build plate out. I am so glad I did. My nylon stays on beautifully! Just make sure to give it more time to pre heat and have clips on hand since it is not magnetic. I highly recommend it!


I found my bed temps to be a little low when using this - so I upped the temps by a few degrees. I have a magnetic sheet on the base as well for PEI sheets, so I'm sure that's affecting it. You'll also have to redo bed leveling and offset, but that's true whenever you mess with the bed. I've already used it with PETG and Nylon and it works great.

Richard Drew

Impressive adhesion on my X1C. I mainly just print PLA but would really only have luck with perfect adhesion with the cool plate but that requires glue. G10 is a miracle!


Garolite Sheet for 3D Printing

New Release

G10 Plate for Bambu Printers

Magnetic. Localization Marker. Fits X1C, P1P, and P1S